Security Guards

Security Guards: Your Best Prevention to Vandalism and Trespassing!
Being a well-acknowledged provider of security guards, Check Mate Security promises to protect your property in the best way possible. Being in this field of work for several years and having some of the best security guards in the region, our commitment to delivering first-class services at industry-appropriate rates will always be undeterred.
Wide Range of Security Guard Portfolios
With the promise of the best security guard arrangements in the region, we offer you an impressive range of security officers and guards to upkeep the safety and order of your property.

Some of them include:

  • Night Watch Security
  • Manned Security officers
  • Static security individuals
  • CCTV and security alarm monitoring guards
  • Gateway Security at all entry and exit points
  • Guards for crowd control, mobile patrolling and concierge responsibilities
Licensed Security Guards With Ample Experience
Our security guards aren’t just meant for being the first-line of legitimate defence against malicious incidents, but they also help mitigate the scope of vandalism, trespassing, etc. Each of our guards is chosen with proper scrutinising, and that allows us to present you only the best visual crime deterrents for your danger-prone property.

They Skill-Sheet Includes:

  • Proper licensing, training and familiarity with the highest security standards
  • Ability and knowledge to provide real-time notifications from CCTV and surveillance alarm set-ups
  • Experience to handle all kinds of vandalism and trespassing
  • Proficiency and knowledge in performing quality risk assessments and all kinds of safety and health checks

Impressive Communication Skills
Our security guards possess outstanding communication skills, and so you can expect them to direct every situation properly to their superiors, team members and you.

Good Fitness and Strength to Tackle Confrontations
Whether it’s outrunning thieves or breaking up a fight with some society degenerates looking for a forceful entry, our security guards have the strength, fitness and presence of mind to hold their own.

Ability to Make Good Judgement Calls
With sharp reflexes, our trained security guards also possess the rationality to make good judgement calls. They have the aptitude for determining whether something is a legitimate threat or not. They will inspect each aspect and rightly predict how big the threat will be later on.
By hiring high-quality security guard services from Check Mate Security, you can expect to get top-grade and made-to-fit security solutions within your budget.

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